Andrew Cunningham’s 1870 Captain Thunderbolt Photographs

Woodcut engraving of Frederick Ward published in June 1870
Figure 1: Frederick Ward, alias Thunderbolt. Source: Illustrated Sydney News, 8 June 1870, p. 1.

On 25 May 1870 the bushranger Frederick Ward (also known as Thunderbolt or Captain Thunderbolt) was shot and killed by a police trooper named Alexander Walker at Kentucky Creek, near Uralla, in northern New South Wales. In the following days an Armidale photographer named Andrew Cunningham captured at least ten photographs pertaining to Ward’s death. These included three relatively well known images of Ward’s corpse and two portraits of Alexander Walker (see Figure 2 below). Five much lesser known outdoor scenes were also taken by Cunningham at Kentucky Creek, including three photographs of the site where Ward was ‘captured’. Continue reading “Andrew Cunningham’s 1870 Captain Thunderbolt Photographs”